Audubon Louisiana’s Avian Biologist Presents Prothonotary Warbler Research at Barataria Preserve

Today, Audubon Louisiana’s Avian Biologist Katie Percy presented at the Barataria Preserve Education Center at Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve. Katie explained Audubon Louisiana’s Prothonotary Warbler nest box and geolocator research. Her presentation included detailed descriptions on how birds are banded, studied, how the geolocators worked and multiple maps and charts showing the migration patterns and nest successes. Katie also allowed the group to listen to the sound of the Prothonotary Warbler as she explained how the birds are caught and their nesting preferences.

Her presentation ended with the good news of the staff doubling the number of nest boxes monitored, the successful deployment of 22 geolocators this summer, and the hopes of implementing a new way of collecting data from the birds using nanotags which send VHF frequencies from the birds to a receiving tower. Information being gathered on these 22 “backpacking Prothonotary Warblers” will be available in the near future on

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