National Audubon Society Can Not and Does Not Endorse Political Candidates

Organization clarifies its nonpartisan operating status in the midst of election season

(Baton Rouge – October 3, 2016) Last week, the campaign of Foster Campbell issued a press release noting “The Audubon Society” among a list of organizations whose members or affiliates had endorsed his bid for the U.S. Senate from Louisiana. The release explicitly stated, “The reference to their affiliated organizations is for identification purposes and is not intended to imply an endorsement by the organization.”  Nonetheless, as a reminder during this election season and in order to clarify the status under which National Audubon Society and its state office, Audubon Louisiana, operate as nonprofit, 501©3 organizations, Douglas J. Meffert, National Audubon Society Vice President, Gulf Coast and Mississippi Flyway, issued the following statement:

“The National Audubon Society and Audubon Louisiana, its state office in Louisiana, are nonprofit, 501©3 organizations. As such, they are legally precluded from issuing endorsements of any kind for candidates running for public office. The National Audubon Society and Audubon Louisiana did not make any endorsement for any candidate running for U.S. Senate from Louisiana or otherwise.

“Birds know no political affiliation, and neither do we. Our focus is on being the most effective conservation organization in America for the benefit of birds and people.”


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