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Become an Audubon Volunteer

Audubon Louisiana welcomes volunteers in nearly all of our program areas. From helping one of the chapters across the state, to performing annual bird surveys, to participating in our Coastal Stewardship Program, there are many ways to contribute your time. Regardless of your age, interests, or skill level, there is a volunteer opportunity right for you!

Through our Bird Conservation Programs, volunteers engage directly in conservation by adopt an Important Bird Area in their community, participate in bird monitoring programs, and get involved in other stewardship activities designed to restore or protect these critical areas for birds.  Please click here to learn more about community science opportunities across Louisiana. You can also sign up to receive information about upcoming volunteer opportunities. 

Internships are offered on an as-needed basis and must be applied for through the National Audubon Society Career Center when listed. If you have an idea for an internship, we may be able to work with you to develop your proposal into a position. Contact Erik Johnson for more information.

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