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Meet the Audubon Louisiana Team

Douglas J. Meffert, Executive Director, Audubon Louisiana; Vice President, Audubon

In his role as Executive Director of Audubon Louisiana, Doug leads all of Audubon Louisiana’s administration and programming which includes large scale coastal conservation and landowner engagement through the Mississippi River Delta Restoration Campaign and the Rainey Conservation Alliance, chapter engagement through Bird Friendly Community and other initiatives, and climate change adaptation and mitigation initiatives.  In addition, he and his team lead the management of the Paul J. Rainey Sanctuary, Audubon’s oldest and largest sanctuary and steward the protection of Louisiana’s 23 Important Bird Areas throughout the State in coordination with Audubon’s Mississippi Flyway and Gulf Initiative programs.  Doug is also a faculty associate at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy based in Cambridge, MA. Doug has a Bachelors of Science in Engineering and Masters  in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance) from Tulane University and Doctorate in Environmental Science & Engineering from the University of California, Los  Angeles.

A native of San Antonio, Texas, Doug has a long history in Louisiana and joined Audubon Louisiana in February 2012. Prior to working at Audubon, Doug was most recently Director of Project Development and Associate Professor at Tulane University’s Payson Center for International Development as well as Executive Director of RiverSphere, an initiative to develop a new campus for the university oriented to water resources and renewable energy. Prior to these posts, he was Deputy Director for the Tulane/Xavier Center for Bioenvironmental Research (New Orleans, LA). Other prior posts include Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (Baton Rouge, LA), Topanga Las-Virgenes Natural Resource Conservation District (Malibu, CA), TechLaw, Inc. (Washington, DC), and the U.S. Department of Energy (Washington, DC).  Doug received a Loeb Fellowship at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. He currently lives in New Orleans.

Cynthia Duet, Deputy Director, Audubon Louisiana

Cynthia is Audubon Louisiana’s Deputy Director.  She interacts with government agencies, Louisiana legislators and congressional staffers, and coastal landowners and stakeholders to advance coastal policy, funding, and project implementation.   A former deputy director of the Louisiana Governor’s Office of Coastal Activities, Cynthia has more than 15 years of Louisiana- specific experience in coastal policy development, strategic coastal planning, and environmental project management and education. She is the policy and legislative analyst for Audubon’s state office and also serves as the liaison for coastal landowners and leaders of the state’s coastal restoration and regulatory programs.  Cynthia is a member of the Mississippi River Delta restoration campaign (Walton Foundation) and the Rainey Conservation Alliance, a strategic landowner advocacy group focused primarily on conserving and restoring over 180,000 contiguous private acres of marsh and shoreline in Vermilion Parish—parts of which are held in ownership by the National Audubon Society.  She is also a participating member of the state’s Coastal Master Plan Framework Development Team and Landowner Focus Group, and various other standing committees. Cynthia lives in Baton Rouge.

Erik Johnson, Director of Bird Conservation, Audubon Louisiana  

Erik joined Audubon in April 2011 as a Conservation Biologist for the Mississippi Flyway and Gulf Coast Initiative where he provided science-support and guidance for Audubon’s strategic planning process and building upon conservation and monitoring efforts in the region. Before coming to Audubon, Erik’s graduate work at Louisiana State University included researching the effects of forest fragmentation on Amazonian bird communities and understanding the effects of fire management on grassland birds in pine savannas of the southeastern U.S. and has published his work in scientific journals including The Auk and Ecology. It was while finishing his dissertation when the BP oil spill shocked the Gulf Coast and in response, Erik helped develop a citizen science program across the central Gulf Coast, Audubon’s Coastal Bird Survey, which he continues to lead. Erik started his ornithological career stewarding and monitoring breeding Least Terns and Piping Plovers in Massachusetts, and has returned to these coastal roots by leading the development of a comprehensive beach-nesting bird stewardship program in Louisiana by developing partnerships with other organizations and local communities. Erik also has developed several bird monitoring initiatives at the Paul J. Rainey Audubon Sanctuary to understand the effects of management on marshbirds, supporting the science-based restoration mission of the Rainey Conservation Alliance, a collaboration among local landowners in Vermilion Parish to save coastal marshes. Erik is active in Louisiana’s birding community and serves as Louisiana’s Christmas Bird Count regional editor, a member of Louisiana’s Bird Records Committee, Vice President of Baton Rouge Audubon Society, and Co-director of the Louisiana Bird Observatory. Erik lives in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Lauren Bourg, Communications Manager, Audubon Louisiana

As Communications Manager, Lauren sets and guides the strategy for all outreach and communication efforts for Audubon Louisiana. Lauren joined Audubon in 2014 as the Communications Associate for the Mississippi River Delta Restoration Coalition, which comprises Audubon, National Wildlife Federation, Environmental Defense Fund, Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, and Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana. In 2015, Lauren became the Communications Associate for Audubon Louisiana. Prior to joining Audubon, Lauren was the Manager of External Relations for the Stephenson Disaster Management Institute (SDMI) at Louisiana State University. At SDMI, Lauren was responsible for overseeing coordination of public relations, marketing and development for the Institute. She also led the branding and launch of the Center for Business Preparedness, chaired the communications committee for the Food & Agriculture Protection Training Consortium and was on the Board of Directors for the International Disaster Conference and Expo. Prior to SDMI, Lauren worked in the public affairs department for the National Center for Biomedical Research and Training, a counter-terrorism research and training academy located on LSU's campus. Lauren is a graduate of LSU, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from the LSU Manship School of Mass Communication in 2007. Lauren lives in New Orleans.

Meena Haque, Development Associate, Audubon Louisiana 

Meena Haque is Audubon Louisiana’s Development Associate and she will be active in the office’s fundraising as well as partnership/community engagement, coordinating with our MRDC partnership-related activities. Prior to joining Audubon Louisiana, Meena worked on community education, fundraising, and volunteer engagement at United Against Human Trafficking (UAHT), based in Houston, Texas.  In this role, Meena worked on fundraising projects, media campaigns, and social media to increase donors and volunteer engagement as well as manage coalitions of faith-based groups, volunteers, local businesses and NGO’s to increase awareness in communities.  These activities served to train and educate front-line professionals such as law enforcement, social service providers, health care providers, and educators on human trafficking and how to identify signs in potential victims. Prior to joining UAHT, Meena was the Community Engagement Fellow for U.S. Fund for UNICEF, where she worked with youth, faith-based groups, civil society partners, like-minded organizations and donors on behalf of education, fundraising, and advocacy initiatives supporting UNICEF’s lifesaving work around the world.  Meena hold B.A. in Political Science from Syracuse University. She loves social media, traveling, and attending concerts/music festivals.

Jacques Hebert, Communications Director, MRDRC 

In 2015, Jacques joined Audubon and the Mississippi River Delta Restoration Coallition which comprises Audubon, National Wildlife Federation, Environmental Defense Fund, Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, and Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana. In addition to playing a leadership role in MRDRC communications, Jacques will also ensure Gulf-wide consistency in communications for Audubon. Over the last several years, Jacques worked as public affairs manager at Mother Jones in San Francisco, where he raised awareness to the news organization's reporting and helped elevate its profile. Previously, he worked for five years at Google initially as an account manager in its advertising department, and then on the company's corporate communications team focusing on YouTube. Jacques is a native son of Louisiana, having grown up in Plaquemines Parish, which has been ground zero for coastal erosion, hurricanes, and the  BP oil spill. He is excited to be back in New Orleans and working with Audubon and its partners on an issue of such personal importance to him and significance to the residents and wildlife of the Gulf Coast. Jacques graduated from Dartmouth College with a dual major in Spanish and Latin American Studies. He lives in New Orleans. 

Carla Landry, Regional Business Manager, Audubon 

Carla is responsible for administrative management for the Gulf and Mississippi Flyway regions and provides support to the Louisiana program and other programs in the Mississippi Flyway.  Her duties include budgeting, financial management, HR management, and contract management. She joined the Audubon staff in August of 2008, and was Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of the Workforce Commission for Governor Blanco from 2006 to 2008, and worked as Administrator for the Workforce Commission from 1997 to 2006. She has been essential in establishing administrative and accounting processes for Audubon’s new regional flyway structure, and is the local liaison with the Audubon national office for administrative matters. Carla lives in Baton Rouge.

Emily McCalla, Communications Coordinator, Restore the Mississippi River Delta Coalition

Emily McCalla is Audubon’s Communications Coordinator for the Mississippi River Delta Restoration Coalition—a science-based non-profit comprised of Audubon, Environmental Defense Fund, National Wildlife Federation, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, and Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, working to protect people, wildlife and jobs by reconnecting the river with its wetlands. She is responsible for supporting the MRDRC Communications Team in brand strategy, media relations, project planning and implementation, development of communications materials and social media outreach. As a Lake Charles native, she is directly familiar with the issues facing our coast and is passionate about working to save it. Prior to joining Audubon, Emily worked with STUN Design & Interactive in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as the Marketing and Office Coordinator. Prior to that, she was the State Coordinator for the Louisiana Solar Energy Society—a nonprofit dedicated to promoting clean, solar energy throughout the state. In this role, Emily was responsible for overseeing all aspects of the non-profit including memberships, fundraising, event coordination, social networking, media relations, and more. Emily is a graduate of Louisiana State University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing in 2013. Emily lives in New Orleans.

Lindsay Nakashima, Geomorphologist and Geographic Information Systems Analyst, Audubon Louisiana 

Lindsay has over 25 years of Louisiana-based experience relating to coastal and environmental science and GIS/GPS applications. He has a background applying science and GIS/GPS technologies to projects involving resource/habitat conditions, wetlands sustainability, coastal restoration, environmental impact analysis, disaster/hazard mitigation, recreational planning and oil spill response shoreline cleanup assessments.  Lindsay’s work has largely focused on Louisiana and also includes Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas, and New York State. He has experience designing field data collection methods as well as a working knowledge of Louisiana’s mainland and barrier island stratigraphy, littoral environments and shore-zone processes.  Lindsay received a PhD in Geography/Coastal Geomorphology from Rutgers University, an MA in Physical Geography from Wilfrid Laurier University, and a BS in Physical Geography from the University of Toronto. Lindsay  lives in Denham Springs, Louisiana.

Katie Percy, Avian Biologist, Audubon Louisiana

Katie is from and grew up in Baton Rouge, and has an extensive knowledge of Louisiana ecosystems having participated in research on Louisiana barrier islands, in longleaf pine savannas, and in coastal marshes. She moved to Tennessee where she lived for several years conducting her Master’s research at the University of Tennessee studying the effects of fire management on the abundance and nesting success of Golden-winged Warblers, a species of high concern. After staying in Tennessee to train and work with the next generation of students, and then spending a summer leading a team monitoring California seabirds for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Katie has returned to her roots in Louisiana where she has worked in the consulting industry preparing Environmental Site Assessments and Biological Assessments since February 2014.

Timmy Vincent, Senior Manager, Paul J. Rainey Wildlife Sanctuary 

Timmy manages Audubon’s 26,000-acre Rainey Sanctuary in southwest Louisiana. He oversees extensive marsh restoration projects and management and is responsible for insuring all work is performed to contract standard, including restoration projects implemented through the Rainey Conservation Alliance. Timmy provides support of Audubon Louisiana and its partners’ volunteers in citizen-based coastal restoration projects. As a long-time native of the area, he is a vital link to landowners and land managers in the Atchafalaya and Chenier Plain areas. Timmy lives at the Rainey Sanctuary, near Abbeville, Louisiana.

Jacques Vincent, Assistant Land Steward, Paul J. Rainey Wildlife Sanctuary

Karen Westphal, Coastal Project Manager, Audubon Louisiana  

Karen provides science support involving coastal processes, ecology and biogeomorphology (how living things affect land change) including expertise with coastal vegetation, meiofauna, oil spill impacts, hurricane impacts, and coastal habitat restoration. She is responsible for coordinating or tracking a variety of activities and issues related to the Atchafalaya Basin and within the Louisiana coastal zone. Karen manages the small dredge operation at the Paul J. Rainey Wildlife Sanctuary in southwest Louisiana: project design, permitting, and project management; marsh restoration and monitoring; and boat and dredge operation and maintenance. She works closely with the Sanctuary manager, Timmy Vincent; the Director of Bird Conservation, Erik Johnson; and with the Rainey Conservation Alliance. A native of the Mississippi Gulf coast, Karen joined Audubon in 2009 and brings nearly three decades of experience and research in coastal Louisiana to the team. She has worked for the Louisiana Geological Survey, Louisiana State University, and the University of New Orleans in a variety of capacities, including field research, aerial imagery surveys, shoreline change analyses, photographic time-series, pioneering work on beneficial use of dredged material and coastal vegetation related to elevation, and impact of navigation channels (such as the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet) on the surrounding landscape. Karen lives in Baton Rouge.

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